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There's a unique door for everyone, out of which true exploration begins.
Some treks across mountains, some navigates under oceans. Some tours on bikes, while some runs without borders.
Each exploration, is a new adventure.
Where do you plan to explore next? Open that door with Garmin, and venture into the world!

From now until Oct 31, 2021, just OpenYourDoorToTheWorld , and complete all necessary steps in the event, and you'll be entered into the lottery draw!

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Unleash Your Outdoor Spirit

ft. Khasi Bloodz

Garmin Outdoor Spirit

No matter where you set out from, and no matter if your challenge lies in the great outdoors or pushing your internal boundaries…
what lies beyond that door is different for everyone. But every person’s ‘outdoors’ is worth celebrating.
Overcoming the boundaries between man and nature, pushing against limits external and self-imposed…
Garmin believes the essence of the outdoors lies in carefree discovery.

Garmin Outdoor Watches let you set aside your worries and rekindle your sense of carefree discovery.

The Door to A Different Paradigm

Bold, Fearless and Instinctive

Instinct Solar

Instinct Solar

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The Door to A Different Perspective

Adventurous, Rebellious and Passionate

fēnix 6 Solar

fēnix 6 Solar

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