Track Kids' Activities, Chores and Rewards

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vívofit® jr. 2 is the activity tracker designed especially for kids — now with exciting themed app adventures to uncover.
Parents track activity, assign chores and encourage a lifetime of healthy habits.

Walk. Run. Play. Bike. Swim. Golf. Climb. Skip. Jump. Go.
Meet the wearables that help you beat yesterday.

vívofit® jr

Track Kids' Activities, Chores and Rewards


Kids and parents, listen up. Playtime is about to get real with vívofit jr. This swim-friendly activity tracker1 is comfortable and secure enough to wear every day from school to soccer practice and even to sleep. vívofit jr. motivates kids with rewards and a mobile adventure trail to unlock. Behind the scenes, parents can track activity and assign chores via the free companion mobile app. It's all controlled from the adult's mobile device, offering parents less fuss and more fun.

Key features


vívofit® 4

Activity tracker1 with 1+ year battery life

INR 5,490


Find more ways to beat yesterday with vívofit® 4. This easy-to-use, swim-friendly activity tracker1 has an always-on color display and an incredible 1+ year battery life3 — no charging necessary. Designed to wear 24/7, it tracks your steps, monitors sleep and more, plus it gives you a personalized daily step goal based on your habits1. With the Move IQ™ feature, vívofit 4 automatically captures a variety of activities, such as walking, running, biking and more, for you to view on Garmin Connect™, our online community.

Key features


vívomove HR

Stylish Hybrid Smartwatch with a Discreet Display and Precision Watch Hands


Fashionably fit is just a tap away with vívomove HR. This stylish hybrid smartwatch features a touchscreen with a discreet display. Precision hands show the time and dynamically move away when you swipe through your messages, heart rate1 and more.

key features


vívosmart® 3

Smart Activity Tracker with Wrist-based Heart Rate1 and Fitness Monitoring1 Tools


Complement your style, but don’t compete with it. vívosmart 3 smart activity tracker features a sleek design and hidden display that’s only on when you need it. Track your activity, including steps, floors climbed, sleep and more1. It also features Move IQ — which automatically detects when you start an activity — and smart notifications2 delivered right to your wrist. Elevate wrist-based heart rate1 provides 24/7 monitoring and gives you access to fitness and wellness monitoring tools. Assess your fitness level with VO2 max estimate, and even estimate your approximate fitness age. Keep an eye on your wellness with all-day stress tracking1. Plus, new activity profiles and rep counting bring even more convenience to your workout.

Key features



Smart Activity Tracker with Wrist-Based Heart Rate1 and GPS

INR 15,990


You pack a lot into your day — the same way the vívosport activity tracker packs a lot of useful features into its slim, lightweight band. With built-in GPS to accurately track your walks, runs and bike rides, it lets you take your activities on the go. Or if you prefer, work out indoors with cardio and strength training activities. Wrist-based heart rate1 allows you to tap into fitness monitoring1 and all-day stress tracking2 while connected features2 such as smart notifications and LiveTrack help you keep up with your busy life. It’s even got enough battery life to keep you moving for 7 days between charges3.

Key features


vívoactive 3

GPS Smartwatch with Contactless Payments4 and Wrist-based Heart Rate1

INR 24,990


Your sports and your purchases are a tap away with vívoactive 3. This sporty smartwatch includes built-in GPS, more than 15 preloaded indoor and outdoor sports apps and is Garmin Pay ready – allowing you to leave your phone and wallet at home, thanks to this new mobile payment method. Wrist-based heart rate1 gives you access to fitness monitoring features1 and all-day stress tracking1. The Side Swipe interface and touchscreen provide quick access to everything vívoactive 3 has to offer.

Key features


One-year Battery Life

vívofit jr. features a user-replaceable battery that lasts more than a year, which means kids won't have to stop the fun to plug it in and charge. It's also perfect for 24/7 wear: comfortable, easy for kids to put on without help, swim friendly, durable and resistant to staining or fading.

1+ Year Battery Life3

Say goodbye to the charging cord and running out of battery midday. vívofit 4 has an impressive 1+ year battery life that gives you the freedom to move all you want without being tethered to the charger.

Comfort and Wearability

Not only is there no downtime for charging, vívofit 4 is also safe for the pool and shower. It’s even comfortable enough for sleeping and features an always-on display that’s easy to see in the dark or in bright sunlight.

Customization and More

vívofit 4 comes with plenty of new options to make this activity tracker your own. Personalize it with color themes, watch faces in a variety of different styles and custom text phrases for extra motivation.

Fashionably Fit and Functional

Enjoy all the features of a digital watch without losing the style of vívomove. The discreet display shows up when you want it but disappears when you don’t.

Wrist-based Heart Rate1

vívomove HR monitors your heart rate1 all day, so you can get detailed health information and work toward a healthier you.

All-day Stress Tracking1

vívomove HR uses heart rate technology to help you recognize stress during your day and help you relieve it. For example, the relax timer in the stress widget takes you through a deep breathing exercise to help you unwind.

Fitness Monitoring1

vívomove HR is truly made to look good and help you feel good. Fitness monitoring tools1, such as VO2 max and fitness age, use your heart rate data to give you a better understanding of your current fitness level and help you aim for better stats over time.

Smart Features

Look smart and get smart notification2 at the wrist with vívomove HR. You can view emails, text messages, social alerts and even control your music with just a few quick touches.

A Truly Hidden Display

You’re the star of the show, not your activity tracker. That’s why vívosmart 3 features a hidden display that only appears when you need it. Otherwise, it fades seamlessly into the device. So whether your style is bold and dramatic or chic and understated, vívosmart 3 is the perfect accessory.

Estimate Your VO2 Max

vívosmart 3 is our first dedicated activity tracker to include VO2 max estimate, which crunches heart rate data collected from the wrist to give you a better idea of your current fitness level. By collecting your VO2 max, vívosmart 3 is also able to estimate your fitness age, which can decrease over time with hard work and exercise.

All-day Stress Monitoring

Want to know how your body responds to changing stress levels? vívosmart 3 constantly monitors your heart rate variability — your heart’s beat-to-beat flexibility. This allows it to display your body’s reaction to physical and emotional stress. View your current stress response on the device, or sync with Garmin Connect™ to see how your stress levels change throughout the day.

Smart Connectivity

We put the “smart” in vívosmart by letting you view email, text messages, social alerts and more right at your wrist. To help you keep up with your busy lifestyle in the most convenient way possible, you can even control your music or VIRB® action camera with just a few quick touches.

Strength Training and Rep Counting

If you need a reliable counter, look no further. vívosmart 3 includes a strength training activity that features automatic rep counting. Keep track of your exercises, reps, sets and rest time so you can leave the notebook at home. The next time your device syncs with Garmin Connect, you can review your data, and get a good look at what you accomplished during your workout.

Inside or Outside

Run a 5K race, or run on the treadmill — vívosport can track it. Cardio, cycling, walking and strength training — vívosport can track that, too. Built-in GPS gives you accuracy while you work out the way you want to.

Ultra-thin, Designed for Life

Have the perfect accessory, wherever you go. At less than 11 mm thick, vívosport is so slim, you might forget you’re wearing it. If you do, don’t sweat it, because this activity tracker is perfectly safe to wear in the shower and even swimming. And its bright, color touchscreen is easy to read, even in sunlight.

Track Your Fitness and Stress Levels

vívosport has built-in heart rate to keep an eye on your ticker and let you learn more about your fitness and your body’s response to potential stressors. It crunches the numbers to show your VO2 max estimate, an indicator of physical fitness over time. It also monitors your heart rate variability to calculate and display your stress level anytime you’re sitting or at rest.

Share and Compete

Garmin Connect is your mobile hub for slick graphics that show you all your recorded data and activities, weekly challenges to inspire you to bring your best and the ability to connect with other users for added motivation. vívosport automatically syncs with Garmin Connect so it’s easier than ever to see your daily tracking data in detail. It’s free and available on the web or on your smartphone with the Garmin Connect™ Mobile app.

Make Contactless Payments

No wallet? No problem. vívoactive 3 includes Garmin Pay4, which lets you make secure payments using just your watch.

Update Your Look

vívoactive 3 suits your signature style, whether you prefer a look that’s sporty or a little more upscale. And you can switch up that style whenever you want, thanks to easy-to-swap bands available in silicone and leather.

Track Your Fitness and Ease the Stress

vívoactive 3 uses heart rate data to show your VO2 max estimate, an indicator of your body’s fitness level. It also monitors your heart rate variability to display your body’s reaction to physical and emotional stress.

Connect IQ Apps

Get free watch faces, widgets and apps from Connect IQ so you can know when your Uber is arriving, turn on the lights with the SmartThings app and more.

Move IQ

No need to start and stop your activity timer each time you begin a new activity. Our devices automatically differentiates movements such as walking, running, biking, swimming and using an elliptical and then let you view in more detail on Garmin Connect. *Compatibility: vívofit 3、vívofit 4、vívosmart 3、vívosport、vívomove HR、vívoactive 3

Show Your True Colors

Swap out additional bands to show your true colors.

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Unlock a Mobile Adventure Trail

The vívofit jr. activity tracker can be managed by parents using the compatible app. The app lets you add multiple children and see their steps, sleep, daily activities and chore data when it automatically syncs1 to your smartphone. Assign tasks and chores, find out how many reward coins each child has, and even invite the whole family to compete in a weekly step challenge together — all from your smartphone.

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Garmin Connect

The free Garmin Connect Mobile app is an encouraging online community that works seamlessly with your Garmin device. Easy-to-read, color-coded cards show your daily and weekly progress toward fitness and wellness goals and provide helpful insights that keep you going. You can connect and compete with friends by joining challenges, encourage each other’s successes and even share their triumphs on social media. Garmin Connect is free and also available on the web.

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Connect IQ

The Face It watch face app lets you customize your watch face with any photo from your mobile device. Download the app, choose an image from your photo library, add the time, and set it as your watch’s face. Whether it’s a scenic view from your last hike or a picture of your new puppy, the Face It app lets you add personality to your watch that’s uniquely you. *Compatibility: vívoactive HR、vívoactive 3

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Garmin Face It APP

The Face It watch face app lets you customize your watch face with any photo from your mobile device. Download the app, choose an image from your photo library, add the time, and set it as your watch’s face. Whether it’s a scenic view from your last hike or a picture of your new puppy, the Face It app lets you add personality to your watch that’s uniquely you. *Compatibility: vívoactive HR、vívoactive 3

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What is Heartrate and Running kinematics?

When you wear the Garmin optical heart rate wrist watch to start an activity, the optical heart rate sensor will continuously monitor the heart rate condition for the specified activity period and constantly provide feedback.
Running kinematics is to apply the knowledge in each science field to sports and consequently to upgrade the self-exercise performance. *Compatibility: vívo series products with wrist-based heart rate

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Which vívo is right for you?

vívofit 4

vívomove HR

vívosmart 3


vívoactive 3

Wrist-based Heart Rate -
Fitness Monitoring
VO2 Max/Fitness Age -
All-day Stress Tracking -
Relaxation Breathing App -
Connect IQ - - - -
Garmin Pay - - - -
Personalized Daily Goal
Activity Timer
Move Bar
Monitors Sleep
Intensity Minutes1
Floors Climbed -
Move IQ
Auto-activity Start -
Touchscreen -
Side Swipe - - - -
Backlit Display -
OLED Display - - -
Built-in GPS - - -
Smart Notifications -
Wireless/Auto Sync
Vibration Alerts -
Find My Phone
Find My Watch -
VIRB® Remote -
Music Player Controls -
Navigation App - - - -
Built-in Running App -
Built-in Golfing App - - - -
Built-in Cycling App - - -
Built-in Swimming App - - - -
Built-in Snowboarding/Skiing App - - - -
Built-in Paddle Board App - - - -
Built-in Rowing App - - - -
Built-in Cardio App -
Built-in Walking App -
Built-in Strength Training App w/Rep Counting -
Built-in Yoga App - - - -
Built-in Elliptical App - - - -
Create Your Own Activity App - - - -
Custom Strength, Cardio, Running and Cycling Workouts - - - -
Toe-to-Toe - - - -
Battery Life 1+ Year up to 5 days in smart mode;
up to 2 weeks in watch mode
Up to 5 Days Up to 7 Days in Watch/Activity Tracking Mode;
Up to 8 Hours Using GPS
Up to 7 Days in Watch/Activity Tracking Mode; 
Up to 11 Hours Using GPS

vívofit 4

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vívomove HR

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vívosmart 3

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vívoactive 3

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  • 1Activity tracking accuracy
  • 2When paired with a compatible smartphone
  • 3Under typical use; battery life will vary depending on usage and selected performance mode.
  • 4Available for supported cards from participating banks; contact your bank for more information. Only available at NFC-enabled terminals. View current supported country, payment network and issuing bank information at
  • 5Intensity minutes calculation assumes a moderate activity level.
  • 6See
  • VISA is a registered trademark by Visa International Service Association.
  • Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.